Creative Thinkers @ Workplace

Professional Development Short Courses

Creative thinkers @ workplace

The ability to think creatively and innovate has been identified as an essential skill for 21st century workforce. Learn how to generate creative ideas and innovative solutions that will enhance performance.

Critical Communication for Success

Professional Development Short Courses

Critical communication for success

Does your organisation suffer from out of bounds topics, disagreement, analysis paralysis, information hoarding, office politics or alienation? Do you work with others who are hard to get along with, drag their feet, avoid tough issues, advocate their position excessively, respond poorly to pressure, easily become emotional, or run away when disagreement arise? 

Digital Building Design Practice 101.4

Professional Development Short Courses

Digital building design practice 101.4

The 4th Industrial revolution has began for the last 3 years and disruption by technology is one of the continual hotbed topics to transform our building and construction industry. The focus of this module is to provide a macro understanding of the various dynamics at work and to understand them would be a first step to embrace our future in this industry.

Dynamic Approach in Construction Project Management

Professional Development Short Courses

Dynamic approach in construction project management

Nowadays, construction projects due to the several policies and their requirements,shortage of competent labours worldwide and with the advancement of technologies, they are becoming more complicated. It is important that the project management must have the necessary knowledge and project management skills (which inlcude planning, controlling and managing multiple key elements - time, cost, quality, risk, safety and health, environmental issues) set to manage the building project professionally so as to complete and deliver the project to his clients on time and within budget.

Facilities Management - Way to Business Sustainability

Professional Development Short Courses

Facilities management - way to business sustainability

Depending on the business and the size of the assets, Facilities Management affects the Cost of Operations directly and indirectly, some as high as 35% of the total operations budget.