Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance Programmes

Higher diploma in accounting and finance

The programme is meticulously crafted to empower students for successful careers in Accounting and Finance. Its comprehensive courses cover business, accounting, and finance, providing a well-rounded foundation for diverse roles in these sectors. This unique program combines the strengths of Specialist and Advanced Diploma programmes, offering a broad curriculum while fostering specialization. Additionally, it serves as a bridge to higher education, making it accessible for those without a bachelor's degree and preparing students for managerial roles or further academic studies.

Bridging Course for Accounting, Economics and Law

Accounting and Finance Programmes

Bridging course for accounting, economics and law

The Bridging Course in Accounting, Economics, and Law provides foundational knowledge and skills, serving as a pathway to the Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance or the Specialist Diploma in Accounting and Finance. It covers essential accounting, economics, and law concepts, ensuring readiness for diploma programs. This course welcomes individuals from diverse educational backgrounds, including those with diplomas in fields like Hospitality, Tourism, Event Management, and Logistics.