Advanced Diploma in Business Management

Business Management Programmes

Advanced diploma in business management

The Advanced Diploma in Business Management aims to provide students with a solid foundation and analytical problem-solving approach in different aspects of business management. The course will cover Applied Financial Management in Services, Consumer Behaviour and Research, Management Information Systems and Management Accounting. It helps students acquire knowledge and skills up to professional level strengthening their understanding of business across any sector or industry, nurturing and providing various opportunities to sharpen their creative thinking, problem-solving techniques, and other generic skills. 

Specialist DIploma in Business Management

Business Management Programmes

Specialist diploma in business management

The Specialist Diploma in Business Management provides the opportunity for students with or without experience to develop an understanding of the nature of the business world and gain an insight into a different aspect of business management. The course aims to equip students with an analytical problem-solving approach in business management and learn about the emerging issues arising in the society that affect the business decision.  

Diploma (Specialized in Business Management)

Business Management Programmes

Diploma (specialized in business management)

The Diploma (Specialized in Business Management) is an initial qualification and solid foundation preparation for students who are aiming to embark in business careers or further studies in business management.  This learning objective of the course to gives students the flexibility they need to explore various aspects of business management.