Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Building Surveying (Top up)

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Top Up

Bachelor of science (honours) in building surveying (top up)

The BSc (Hons) in Building Surveying (Top Up) focuses on the evolution of the Built Environment and the sensitivity in maintaining its historic fabric within the ever changing needs of society. Students are encouraged to examine the Natural and Built Environment from a holistic viewpoint. This systemic learning enables the students to fulfil their potential as custodians of buildings and their future.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Top Up

Bachelor of science (honours) in construction management (top up)

The programme is designed to provide practicing professionals in Singapore with enhanced technical knowledge and understanding in order to progress their careers, balancing this with the ability to think critically, reason, analyse, research and evaluate - all skills associated with higher education. Thus the programme provides both the life skills and technical knowledge necessary to further pursue a professional career within the realm of Construction Management.

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Construction Management (Top Up)

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Top Up

Bachelor of science (honours) in quantity surveying (top up)

Quantity surveying provides the lead in the costing and procurement process for proposed construction projects; it takes command of the cost management and resourcing roles during construction delivery and continues with whole life costing techniques and facilities management applications throughout a project's economic lifespan. The programme focuses on a detailed analysis and appreciation of the costing, economic buildability, procurement and contractual relations of the construction process as well as the social and economic context of the building production